Whether you're a die-hard fashionista or a mild follower of fashion it can be tough knowing what new trends are making the latest and greatest impact. We've wrapped up some looks that are worth knowing about.

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TheLuLuwrap collection is timeless, feminine and sensual and draws inspiration from many different sources. It captures your imagination as an extremely versatile fashion wrap that is perfect for creating a unique look. The colors, unique prints and silk chiffon fabric bring a luxurious touch to our wraps that work for a variety of occasions. 

Accessories help you create and personalize your style and they are the key to versatility.  Shoes, belts and wraps are the glue that hold your basic pieces together and elevate your outfit into a stunning success.

Throw on theLuLuwrap over gym clothes and it's a work, play and exercise essential.  Easy layering to change your style anywhere you go.

Paired with leggings, a casual and effortless look is created.  And if you want to show off your wild, bold and voguish side there are other interesting style alternatives to consider.  Romantic, sporty, boho and glamorous theLuLuwrap will transform your look and put you into the spotlight.  Perhaps the coolest thing about theLuLuwrap is that the look is polished and elegant and yet extremely simple.  Every single way it is worn is an attention grabber. 

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A touch of creativity is the main requirement to turn yourself into a trendsetter.  Put your styling skills to a fun test and explore all the flattering ways to wrap yourself in the LuLuwrap.