TimesUp Now

Dear LuLuTribe,

By now we are all aware of Time'sUp, a movement against sexual harassment and a call for change powered by women for women everywhere. It's an exciting time for us. The world is in need of more women in leadership roles in their communities, their jobs and organizations. We have a country to fix, children to feed, bridges to build and rights to wrong. I am so deeply touched that we are finally hearing each other, and seeing each other, and coming together in solidarity with each other.  

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I created a LuLuwrap that is being printed up as I write this. For every sale 50% of the profits will be donated to "I Am That Girl", an organization that is working to empower young women by giving them the tools they need to lead with confidence and compassion and inspiring them to be, love and express exactly who they are.

We have extended preorders until Feb 6 for this exclusive offer. Please go to www.theluluwrap.com/shop/timesup to place your order today

Linda MasonComment