Traveling Soon?

Planning on traveling to some wonderful destination to get rid of the winter blues or just recover from the 2017 Holiday season?

We all plan our wardrobe carefully for what we need and then when it comes to dressing for the flight we think, "I’m just sitting around for hours so what difference does it make what I wear."  I remember my mom always dressing beautifully when she went on a trip, actually no matter where she went.  She instilled that sense of style in me. I like dressing for the trip.  I can’t quite wrap my head around someone in pajama bottoms and slippers carrying a pillow or even short cut-offs  - the plane gets cold girl!

I like to keep it casual, comfortable and colorful. Check out this idea for heading to The Maldives. 

Bon Voyage!

                                              LuLuwrap in Maroc Bleu, Executive style

                                              LuLuwrap in Maroc Bleu, Executive style

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