What's going on?

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“I’m exactly where I need to be.

It’s my time now.”

I heard these words this morning from my business coach and sister, Tiffany Scott on her Work it Wednesday vlog, and it was exactly what I needed to hear.

I’ve been feeling so weird the past few days, wondering what’s happening with my business, my life, our world - everything is topsy-turvy. Nothing seems to be easy right now. I feel like it’s a constant struggle just to stay afloat. Sometimes I even wonder if it’s worth it or should I just give it all up and move to parts unknown. Maybe it’s just Uranus moving into Taurus and I’m beginning to feel the push pull energies of change (Uranus) versus security and stability (Taurus).

Whatever it is, last night I realized that I’m so wound up that I’m not allowing myself to feel anything. I’m living in robot mode, just doing what I have to do.  That realization blew me away. I remembered a psychic reading I had a while ago and I was told to get in touch with my father and my protective angels and ask him/them for help. So I did and as I was spewing about my lack and my fears, I began to cry and all those pent up feelings of confusion and the “why me’s” seemed to leave my body, my shoulders lowered by 2 inches, and I felt a smile on my face. Interesting how turning up the corners of your mouth sends energy to your brain and changes your perspective.

So today it’s all about changing things up and realizing that I am exactly where I need to be and I’m grateful for exactly where I am. 

Be present, be playful, be divine



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