What our awesome customers are saying!

The LuLuwrap rocks. I recently went to a conference in San Diego. After a long drive, I realized I didn’t have time to change before my meeting. So, I threw on The LuLuwrap and no one was the wiser. The day Linda first showed me all of the ways to wear one, I actually asked her to stop, so I could buy it from her.
I love it!
— Jennifer S.
The LuLuwrap is the perfect throw it on and run out the door accessory! It dresses up an outfit beautifully, so chic, with minimum effort. It’s easy to carry in your purse too!
Can’t wait to see what fabulous fabrics are next!
— Sue M
I simply adore The LuLuwrap and get compliments on it whenever I wear it!”
— Penny L.
The LuLuwrap is the most fun a girl can have with a piece of beautiful fabric.
I feel so stylish whenever I put one on and I put them on a lot
— Mimi C.
The beautiful LuLuwrap is amazingly versatile. It can be worn over a casual cami or a sophisticated turtle neck—making it appropriate for both afternoon or evening wear.
I love The LuLuwrap.
— Judi F.
I love The LuLuwrap! I have 3 now and am looking forward to adding more. They make me feel chic and unique. There are so many ways to wear them. I look forward to switching up my looks.
So cool! Keep them coming!
— Toni S
I love the versatility – I wear The LuLuwrap a few different ways, even as a scarf.
The LuLuwrap can change a daytime look into an evening look. It’s fantastic when traveling
— Lois I.
Great for any occasion. I won’t leave home without one in my purse
— Remi M.
The LuLuwrap is a must for everyone’s wardrobe! The fabrics are beautiful and elegant.
I love how The Luluwraps extend my wardrobe.
I keep one in my car so I can dress up my day outfit effortlessly for client meetings.
I currently have 2 and will be purchasing more. I LOVE these!
— Regina O.
I love The LuLuwrap!
I bought several of them for travel since it doesn’t take up any space and I can create many looks.
I throw it on and I’m dressed for anything. Love the diverse patterns.
— Sharyn W.
I love The LuLuwrap! I bought 6 of them as Christmas gifts...need I say more?
— Sasha C.
These are such fun and beautiful wraps! Great for travel and gifts and to dress up any outfit
— Jayni C